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Beer Bread Recipes

When I was a child my father used to make what he called Bikies Bread. It is simple bread made from using beer as the rising ingredient, much like soda bread. While living in remote Tasmania for a while, I found I often run out of fresh bread but rarely beer. So I started making beer bread. We eat it with dinner, toast it for breakfast, make sandwiches for lunch and best of all love it straight out of the oven. The basic recipe is here: Beer Bread Recipe and this page will be used to show some of the variations I try.


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Sunflower and Chive Beer Bread

Generally now I use half wholemeal and half white flour and did in this recipe. I added a handful of sunflower seeds and a tablespoon or so of dried chives to half the bread mixture. This bread is delicious with just butter hot out the oven, just sliced cold or even toasted.


Vegemite and Cheese Beer Bread

I mixed up 3 teaspoons of vegemite with some grated tasty cheese. I put half the mixture for one small loaf (a quarter of the total mix) in the pan and then spread the vegemite mix through the centre. Then I put the rest of the bread dough on top and did the same. Then I grated some more cheese over before baking.


Bacon and Cheese Beer Bread

Added 2 rashers of baoon cut up small to the dough, saving some for the top. Also a handful of grated tasty cheese and a tablespoon of chives. Then I grated some more cheese over the top and a sprinkle of bacon pieces before baking.


Fruity Beer Bread

Added 3/4 a cup of chopped cranberries and sultanas, 1/4 cup of chopped nuts. A tablespoon of honey. Quarter cup of flax seed. When the dough was too dry I added orange juice to get it to the right consistency. This is lovely toasted with butter for breakfast!

Other Versions of Beer Bread

Cheese and Corn: add a handful of cheese and a small tin of corn kernels to a half mixture.
Tomato and Cheese: 2 teaspoons of tomato paste, a handful of cheese and a teaspoon of paprika in a half mix.

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