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Luke Mangan Spices Up Lilydale Chicken

Provencal Herb Chicken CasseroleCelebrity chef and restaurateur Luke Mangan is helping Australian families add a little bit of spice to their everyday cooking through an innovative new range of Lilydale free range chicken products. The gourmet Free Range Dining varieties combine premium cuts of chicken with a delicious spice sachet packed full of flavour.

Making dishes to impress quick and easy, even for kitchen novices, the new Lilydale range features African Spice Breast Escalopes and Tarragon and Mint Thigh Cutlets. Cooking is also made simple with no marinating needed – simply rub the spice onto the chicken and add a tablespoon of olive oil just prior to cooking.

Gourmand Mangan says combining the right spice with the right cut of chicken is a convenient way for Australian families to create mouth-watering meals.

“The spice sachet is all you need. You don’t have to buy a multitude of spices and herbs to create a unique flavour – it’s all done for you and it tastes delicious!” said Mangan.

The first of their kind in the Australian chicken meat industry, the Lilydale Free Range Dining rubs make cooking succulent meals at home both simple and affordable.

“The range is cost-effective while still maintaining Lilydale’s passion for fresh premium cuts of chicken with quality ingredients,” said Celia Camilleri-Pace, Marketing Manager for Lilydale.

“It takes the guess work out of finding the right spice in a convenient and affordable way for Australian families.”

The recipes use all natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. For the health conscious, they are low in fat, low in sodium and gluten free.

Products are packaged in a beautifully presented tray with the spice sachets and chicken in separate compartments to ensure the highest quality product. Each pack also contains a recipe suggestion with easy to follow steps that make creating a meal the whole family will love even easier.

The new products come as Australians increasingly make the switch from regular to free range chicken. Recent Newspoll research indicates that one in five people are eating more free range meat now than they did two years ago, with one in ten eating it a lot more often.

“Our birds are naturally raised and are free from growth promoters. Once fully-feathered, chickens can roam during the day on chemical-free paddocks sheltering under trees and foraging amongst the natural vegetation,” said Ms Camilleri-Pace.

All Lilydale farms are accredited by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) and are audited regularly.

The Luke Mangan Lilydale Free Range Dining Rub range will be available from March 9 in selected Coles, Thomas Dux, Harris Farm Market and David Jones Food Halls throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT

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