Cooking Technique

Cooking terminology

Cooking terminology that differs between Australia and other countries

The US or international term is on the left and Australian cooking term is on the right.

All-purpose flour – Plain flour. Flour that has no rising agent in it.
Argula – Rocket
Aubergine – Eggplant. A large, purple-colored fruit related to tomatoes.
Baking soda – Bicarb Soda (bicarbonate of soda).
Bell Pepper – Capsicum
Boullion Cubes – Stock cubes
Broil – Grill. Cooking food on a rack either under or over heat.
Burghul – Cracked Wheat
Candied – glace
Cantaloupe – Rockmelon
Cilantro – Coriander. A spice that can be used as fresh leaves, dried and / or ground seeds.
Cookie Sheet – Baking tray
Confectioners Sugar – Icing sugar, white powdered sugar for making icing
Cornstarch – In Aussie cooking this is cornflour. It is the starch extracted for corn and is used for thickening.
Courgette – Zucchini. A long green squash.
Double cream – Thick cream
Extract – Essence, as in vanilla essence, peppermint essence etc
Fava bean – broad bean
Frosting – Icing
Garbanzo – Chickpea. A legume that is large white and roundish.
Grill – BBQ
Kumera – Sweet Potato. Orange-fleshed root vegetable.
Mange tout – Snow Peas. Legume eaten as a whole pod. Also snow pea sprouts, which are the seeds sprouted.
Marichino Cherries – Glace Cherries
Papaya – Paw Paw
Scallions – Shallots
Skillet – Frying pan
Sweet Pepper – Capsicum
Superfine Sugar – Caster sugar, if you are caught without it you can make it by putting normal white suger in the blender.
Treacle – Golden Syrup
White Vegetable Shortening – Copha. A solid white fat found in the cold section of the supermarket near butters. Used in chocolate crackles or white christmas for example.


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