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Simple Steps To A Happy Valentines Dinner

Valentines cooking special

Everyone wants to have a Valentines that is a special occasion and the good news is you can create that ambiance at home without taking the whole day doing it. After all, what makes Valentines Day so special is spending time with the one or ones that you love. There are many ways to accomplish a nice Valentines evening, so please don’t feel restricted to the following suggestions. These are just some simple idea’s to help put a little enchantment into your Valentines holiday.

1. Of course you will want to use your finest dishes, cutlery, and linens for this meal. Naturally you are going to use a holiday recipe or two for Valentines Day. A recipe such as that deserves to be served on something as special as this occasion. Be sure to have those dishes on a nice, ironed tablecloth. Adding red napkins are a nice touch and they can be folded into the shape of a heart and placed on the plate with a small chocolate or chocolate covered strawberry.

2. Candles around the room set the tone for the evening. Whether the candles are scented or not is up to you. It is perfectly fine to have unscented candles if the one you love has allergies to contend with. Remember to dim the lights, so the candlelight can be thoroughly enjoyed.

3. A simple touch of a few beautiful, bright red flowers can go a long way. In addition to a few well-placed flowers through out the house and dinner table, you can add to the magic by scattering some rose petals on the dining room table.

4. Don’t forget the music. I always love to cook with some music playing quietly in the background. This also works extremely well for when you are dining. Be sure not to play party music like rock and roll, but select something soothing. This is the day of love and love songs are totally appropriate at this time. You may want to have some music selected that you can dance close together to afterwards or just sit and enjoy the lyrics.

5. The menu you select can be as important as your décor. I would recommend staying away from greasy, heavy foods. Being caught up in the moment and trying to hold hands with rib sauce covering them just looses something in the translation. This is not to say that finger food is not acceptable. Hors d’oeuvres are a nice way to start a romantic meal. Something special liked Baked Brie with Raspberry Coulis might be nice. Above all, don’t forget the dessert. There are many Valentines Day recipes for desserts that would complement most dinners. A Linzer Heart Torte or a Mint Cheesecake would do nicely.

With a little preparation you can put together a romantic evening without a lot of work on your part. This leaves time for you to enjoy putting together a special evening and then enjoying that evening in the company of the one you love.

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