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Christmas Recipes and Cooking

Many of these Christmas recipes are ones my mother cooked for our family at Christmas, that I learnt to cook as a child and that my kids cook now too. One of my favourite part of Christmas as a child was the huge collection of sweets, like White Christmas and Rum Balls, we made, so I have added many of these to the list. All of these recipes are in our submitted recipes section of Aussie Cooking.

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Puddings and Dessert Christmas Recipes

Pavlova: I don’t remember many Xmas dinners without a pavlova! The fruit you choose to decorate it can make it look very seasonal.

Small Date Pudding: Something to make a change from traditional Christmas pudding.

Traditional Christmas Pudding: If you want the full experience of a traditional Xmas you have to have a homemade pudding! This is boiled in a pudding basin but also works wrapped in calico.

Sweets for Christmas

Easy Coconut Ice: part of the every year Xmas sweets for my family.

Nuts and Bolts: These make a great nibbly for the table.

Marshmallows: A great addition to a plate of sweets.

Rum Balls: A family favourite for many Australians.

White Christmas: Yet another one not be missed, the whole family loves White Christmas and it’s a great recipe to involve the kids in.

Nutty Chocolate fudge: Great for the Christmas sweets plates but also a fantastic gift.

Christmas Cake Recipes

Boiled Fruit Cake: A simple and quite economical fruit cake for Christmas. This can be iced or decorated with nuts and fruit.

Fruit Cake with Pumpkin: An unusual fruit cake that is so moist and yummy.

Rum Ball Muffins: These deliciously moist muffins taste just like rum balls.

Finger food Christmas recipes

Hot Cheesie Triangles : Filo pastry triangles for a great finger food or entree.

Salads: For great salad ideas for Christmas bbq’s try our vegetable and salads section.

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